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Photos and article by Bre Cura

Just like many of you, I’ve found myself completely cooped up, and out of fun things to do. With the worldwide shutdown of mass gatherings, some of my favorite things to do have been taken away from me.

As a concert photographer and blogger, I was feeling pretty defeated when it came to what to do with my free time. I began to realize though, that while my contribution to the music industry as a content creator was put on pause, my support as an avid lover of music didn’t have to be!

I wanted to highlight ten of my favorite bands, and how you guys might be able to support them in these crazy insane times!

1 . Mo Lowda and the Humble

Am I biased? Maybe. But who isn’t? These guys recently put out one of the best records I have ever heard. Going through a transition in life? Some self-discovery? Then Ready Coat is an album you’ll want to check out. Crescent Moon is just one of those songs I can play for hours straight on end.

You can stream the album here, purchase it on vinyl here, and find other merchandise here!


Only two tracks out and they sound THAT good? Unheard of. These dudes are not only the coolest New Jersey residents I know, but that have a killer way of creating tracks with some of the biggest sounds! Keep an eye out for their EP Influx dropping on April 3rd!

They just dropped a new single “Blooming”, which you can stream here!

3 . Ryan Leahan

Ryan and I used to roam the halls of Coatesville High School, and now he is making big, big moves. Taking sampling to a whole new level, his music just gets better. Always down for a good time, Ryan’s music is the perfect back track to all your quarantined adventures.

He recently dropped a single, “Blue! Red! Yellow! Green!”, which you can listen to here.

4 . Z by Z

This is just such feel good music!! One of the nicest guys, who just puts his heart and soul into the art he creates. His music really is something worth checking out. Make sure to check out his track “Searching”, one of my faves.

You can stream some new releases here, and purchase merchandise here!

5 . The Greeting Committee

You tryna be in your feels during your time off? Well this is the band for you. Somehow creating the perfect tune to dance to existentially, The Greeting Committee just really checks off every box in my book. Since you can’t experience their pure magic live, here are some ways to support!

Check out their newest music here, and their merch here!

6 . Grayscale

Grayscale!! My pop-punk faves! These dudes are incredibly talented, and have been taking the scene by storm. Seeing them nine times in the past year, in six different states, one could say I’m a fan.

These guys are known for their merch, so check it out here! Also stream their newest album, Nella Vita here!

7 . Rainbow Kitten Surprise

If I could bottle up a band, and take their energy with me wherever I went, it would be RKS. It’s hard for me to say what artist is my favorite, but they come very close. An endless array of vibes, I could listen to them on loop for the rest of my life.

Listen to some fresh tunes here, and buy some merch here!

8 . Shane T.

Shane T. is one of the coolest dudes I have ever seen live. Electric energy, and a master of multiple instruments, Shane creates tunes with otherworldly vibes that really capture some indescribable feelings.

Stream his newest album Holy Nights, Bad Advice here!

9 . Illiterate Light

An amazing duo both onstage and off, Jeff and Jake are SUPER talented dudes who somehow manage to fill a stage with only two band members! Having just released their debut album a couple months ago, now is a great time to check them out!

You can stream the album here! Also, check it out on vinyl here!

10 . Mt. Joy

I’ve loved getting to watch Mt. Joy grow over these past couple years. There is such a sense of unity when they play, and you can hear it in all the music they produce. They’ve been dropping some killer singles lately in anticipation of their new album dropping on 6/5, the most recent being “Acrobats.

Stream it here! Also feel free to check out some merch here.

And these are only ten artists! Go out there and support your favorites any way that you can!

Let me know if you know of any bands doing cool things during this quarantine so I can check them out!

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