What started as a childhood hobby eventually turned into a lifelong passion for Fruut. This Philly based musician was first introduced to the music scene when her dad bought her a guitar at a fairly young age. Over the years, Fruut treated her love for music as more of a hobby than career, that is, until college. It was at school in Philly where Fruut truly found not only her passion for music but her own, unique sound.

What was the sound that Fruut discovered? Think lofi meets indie pop meets R&B, all mixed with some sick hip-hop beats. Drawing inspiration for lyrics from personal experiences, Fruut shared that when writing songs, she just lets the lyrics flow and sometimes doesn’t even know the true meaning of the song until it comes to completion. 

Her easy-going song writing process and personality allow listeners to immediately vibe with Fruut and her music. Currently, her most popular song on Spotify is “Sippin’ Vinegar.” Fruut shared with The Queue, “That song was inspired by a difficult relationship I was in, where it had been speeding up in a pretty unhealthy way but neither one of us wanted to stop it. I feel like that song really helped me figure out how I was feeling about that situation.”

It’s evident that Fruut writes from her heart, sharing deep, raw, but 100% relatable emotions in each song. Although they have their own value, Fruut shared that if someone could listen to one and only one of her songs, she would recommend “Been Letting You Go.” She shared, “…it is a song very close to my heart. I paired it with a music video that I am really proud of. The song comes from me being very honest about a particular relationship in my life.

Now that music plays such an integral part in her life, Fruut talks about what it means to be doing music on a more serious level. She shared, “My favorite part about making music is the process of playing with sounds and combining them until they say something to me. And then I get to lay my take on what the sounds make me feel. I feel like the way I write is very call and response, between me and the sounds I’m singing over.”

If you can’t find Fruut playing live shows around Philly, you’ll probably find her hanging out with friends, biking, or maybe even cooking some tasty meals (we vibe hard with that). 

What’s up next for Fruut? “Definitely more music, more videos and merch! I’ve been working with hella amazing artists and they are all really pushing me to be my best, I’m so excited to share it all.” 

We’re hype to hear what Fruut is about to drop and if you are too follow @fruutmusic on Instagram.

Published by Amanda Sigman

Just a 20 year old girl writing about marketing, branding, creativity, and the occasional Jesus jam and rant.

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