7 Punk bands you need to be listening to right now

By Matt Davis

We’re pretty passionate about music (can you tell?). We want you to catch alllll the vibes too, so our team took the time to dive into the world of punk and draw out only the best of the best bands for you to enjoy. Check out our review of the punk industry as told by Matt Davis.

These bands are the next generation of punks, and now’s the time to take notice.

Band Van

The project is the brainchild of Ohio based musician Hayden Van Lynn. Recognizable by their double-time drumming, crunchy riffs, and dreamy vocals, Band Van makes punk music that is perfect to scream out with your car windows down. While this band only has a few songs under their belt, it’s obvious that they’ve got some real talent, and I expect more and more kids to be banging their heads to Van Band in the near future.

Song to know1 Life

 Sleep In.

I was fortunate enough to see this 5- piece New Jersey outfit a few years ago, and they immediately became one of my favorite local acts. They produce a unique sound that is seemingly influenced by math, emo, and alternative rock. In addition to phenomenal guitar work, many of their songs contain great lyrical hooks that are hard not to sing along with. Sleep In has a really good stage presence, and they seem like the type of guy you could pound PBR’s with in some crappy, South Philly backyard. They’ve already made a name for themselves in the local music scene, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country takes notice.

Song to knowI Do Know and I’m Not Sorry

Jail Socks

This band from Charlotte, NC embodies everything we love about the emo-revival movement. Jail Socks make songs that are twangy, grungy, and heart-felt. They’re reminiscent of early midwest-emo powerhouses such as Cap n’ Jazz and Sunny Day Real Estate. Vocalist Aidan Yoh flows perfectly between soft sung lyrics and emotionally driven screams that pairs well guitar cycling guitar licks. They embody everything that’s great about DIY music while creating a sound that has the potential to go way beyond those limits. Recently signed to west coast indie label No Sleep Records, expect this band to really take off in the next year.

Song to knowPoplar Avenue

I Feel Fine

Self described as “an emo band that is totally ok with being labelled an emo”, I Feel Fine embraces a label that many bands try to shed. However, this label fits them perfectly, as their songs are reminiscent of modern-day emo favorites such as The Hotelier. Gloomy emo music is an already oversaturated genre, but this band somehow pulls off that sound without sounding redundant. With only an EP and a handful of singles released, I’m excited to see what these guys will do next.

Song to knowBeached Community

Nothing Serious

Ahh, this band is a great reminder of how nostalgic good ole’ fashioned pop-punk music can be. While they’re songs instantly make you reminisce on high-school shenanigans, they’re also mature enough that you don’t feel guilty for falling in love with them.  They write catchy songs about girls, regret, and the unfairness of life, and honestly, what more can you ask from a pop-punk band?

Song to knowMissing Hell

Coming Clean

This relatively small band embodies the edy, pop-punk sound of their larger influences such as Knuckle Puck and New Found Glory. They’re songs are loaded with high energy that you can instantly jam to, and they seem like an incredible band to see live. While their style isn’t anything groundbreaking, it’s really well crafted. They’ve found a way to make themselves standout from the crowd, and that’s always a good sign for an up and coming band. While they’re a really fun band to listen to, they also right lyrics about common struggles such as depression, and it makes them feel that much more relatable.  Their debut EP titled Dead End// Detour has easily become one of my favorite releases of 2019, and I’m excited to see what these guys from Toronto put out next.

Song to knowAll’s Well That Ends Well

Elbow Room

This three-piece band from Cleveland blends elements of alternative rock, pop-punk, and post-hardcore. They’re genre-defying sound makes them appealing to all types of music fans, and this has helped kick-start their career in just a few short years. Fans are still waiting on a full length album from the band and they’ve already played gigs with the likes of Sleep On It, Like Pacific, and Forever Came Calling. It’s only a matter of time before we see this band headlining a tour of their own.

Song to knowOn My Own

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