Article by Bre Cura and Emily Herbein // Graphics and Photo by Bre Cura

“I told you love if you could see it through my eyes // You’d understand my fear of everything in sight // I know I’d quickly sell my heart for some advice // On how to ease a troubled mind”

A Troubled Mind – Cape Elizabeth, Noah Kahan

Noah just dropped one of the most reflective, sit-by-a-window-on-a-rainy-day-and-think-about-your-life-choices EP’s. A slap in the face (and the heart), “Cape Elizabeth” hones in on those feelings of love lost and perspective gained. Housing some introspective lyrics, as per usual, this EP put’s into words some intangible feelings. Noah brings back the acoustic singer/songwriter vibe that wasn’t necessarily lost in recent releases, but definitely reflects the beautiful simplicity of the pre-Busyhead era.

“I live my life in years to come, to prepare myself for sorrow // So I won’t worry, when I crumble at your feet // It’s something sinister to love without regard for dear tomorrow // To search for worry is to love without deceit”

Close Behind – Cape Elizabeth, Noah Kahan

The almost impossible to describe “in-between” feeling that people with anxiety experience is displayed poetically once again in this EP. Whether it’s through contrasting fears of the future or present, life or death, relationships or the human experience as a whole, each song manages to leave its mark. There is something so refreshing in the vulnerability expressed by acknowledging those worries, and that sometimes it’s better to be honest about those fears.

“Always, I’ll wait // For sharp glass when you break // I’ll be the light that you can’t make // I’ll be your eyes, you be my face // Cause darling, I get scared for you // And I’m not busy anyway”

Anyway – Cape Elizabeth, Noah Kahan

A spokesman for duality, Noah makes one thing impossibly clear; nothing really ever is. Whether you are in love, or falling out of it, you never feel only one thing – you feel it all. In songs like ‘Anyway’ and ‘Close Behind’ it seems he is waiting for the other shoe to drop, or possibly fearing he will drop it himself. To be able to illustrate the impending disappointments and joys of life and love is one of his strongest abilities as a songwriter.

“You don’t hate the summers // You’re just afraid of the space // Asking strangers for answers // To forget what they say”

Maine – Cape Elizabeth, Noah Kahan

The word “desiderium” is really the only way to sum it all up. To long for something we no longer have, that we very much wish we still did. This EP was a breath of fresh air in the midst of the suffocation of quarantine. Sometimes it can be hard to sit in those feelings, and it’s music like this that really reminds us of the small connections we all have. We’ve never been to Cape Elizabeth, but it felt like home.

“And does the wind blow in Cape Elizabeth // Constant and cold, how do we live with this? // Love was a deadline //I’ll spend the rest of my life fuckin’ missin’ it”

Glue Myself Shut – Cape Elizabeth, Noah Kahan

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