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As a Philadelphia based magazine, we are always excited to get a chance to work with bands and artists that are helping to grow the scene in this great city. Last week we had the opportunity to catch an interview with Blushed, an up-and-coming new age grunge band from the area. We chatted with them about their newly released EP titled “I Love You So Much It Hurts”.

How did you all find each other and start Blushed?

Missy: “So, I went to a show here to see Secret Nudist Friends, and that’s when I first met Matty. We immediately got along super well and started hanging out everyday, and I said well I play some songs I wrote when I was in school.”

Matty: “Yeah she used to play them back in Alabama where she went to college and I told her hey I can kind of play the drums, I’ll play for you and I think I might have somebody in mind that can play bass. I had seen Alyssa at some shows and I just had a feeling about them, that they would make this music work.”

Alyssa: “Matty at some point booked my old band for a show and after that kinda just became internet friends and that ended up turning into me playing with you two.”

Matty: “So we toured and played as a trio for about a year and a half until we met Dan when he came to one of our shows. Dan really pulled everything together with his talent on the guitar and really does so much for our sound as a band.”

How did you guys land on a name?

Missy: “I actually had the name picked out well before we even became a band. I always knew that one day I wanted my own, and with a name that sort of sounded like a 90’s grunge band.”

Matty: “We went back and forth between a couple names, just Missy and I, before we finally decided that Blushed would be it.” 

How has the Philly music scene influenced you as a band?

Matty: “All of us are really involved in the music scene here”

Alyssa: “Yeah we’ve all been here long enough that we know so many people and have connections that it’s good for us but I find that for people coming in and for touring bands that it is too oversaturated for touring bands unless they already know someone who can get them a good show. It’s very hard to play a good show in Philly, so for us to have those connections it’s really good for us.” 

Matty: “It’s truly an amazing scene with the level of talent and how much is happening every single night in the city music wise.”

Tell me about the spirit of your EP- Or rather, what does it embody?

Missy: “So the EP is basically like a collection of OG songs that we wrote when we were first getting together, there are two songs that are very old that we’ve changed a little bit over time.”

Matty & Alyssa: “We have been playing these two songs the entire time we have been a band, even as a three piece.”

What is your favorite song on the EP and why? You can each individually answer if you’d like.

Alyssa: “Finally Enjoying My Life is actually the song that sold me on being in this band because I remember writing the bassline for it and realizing that I could write basslines for this band and enjoy it; ever since then that song has been very close to my heart.” 

Matty: “I think that Freak Out and Johnny are my favorite two on the record, because I mixed most of it with the help of the crew and some friends. What was cool about this album was that it was very self produced, more than anything any of my bands had ever done this in depth.”

All: “We think that all five of the songs on the EP are really representative of the past two years we have been together, this release is about six months overdue and we are definitely ready to put it out. We are all super excited to perform this set now” 

Are you guys excited for the release party tomorrow?

Matty: “Nervous as shit.”

All: “We’ve all been running the night through our heads imagining how we think it’s going to go and how it could go, but besides normal nerves we know what to expect to throw a show like this and are extremely excited to perform this in front of all our friends and even some family that are coming in to support us.”

We absolutely loved getting this chance to sit down with Blushed, and getting to know more about this crazy good band. Be sure to listen to their EP, “I Love You So Much It Hurts”, here!!!

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