Busy Bee (Deb of our pals Secret Nudist Friends) has just released their newest album, “I Am You”! The only “hint” we were given while analysing the song ‘Behind Glass’ was that its inspiration, like the rest of the tracks on the album, were based off their experiences in quarantine. We are such fans of Deb’s usage of metaphorical lyricism, and couldn’t wait to dive into listening to this song!

Can’t touch you 

Can’t touch 

Can’t feel your fear  

This bubble gets bigger 

When you are here

Bre: I’m curious if the bubble is a bubble of protection, which increases upon having that other entity there, or if it’s more like they are on the outside of the bubble, and the space they aren’t allowed to exist in increases? 

Em: I kind of read this negatively. I feel like the bubble is protecting the speaker from this person, and when they get close the speaker throws up a wall around themselves. A theme I get right away is isolation/separation. 

Bre: That’s interesting cause I could see the negative feelings, but more towards the situation and less towards the person. Like, ‘can’t touch you, can’t feel your fear’, I feel like that’s the speaker wanting to be there for the person, and not being able to. 

Look, Look at all the light in the building shining 

Look, look at all the people looking at you 

Behind glass 

Behind glass 

Sweet honey bee buzzing 

it’s time to rest 

i see you have hunger 

pollinate us 

Bre: I feel like the bee is either the human race as a whole, or the earth in general? Like saying, now is the time to rest (referring to quarantine). Like we see we need that break, so take it, and give in return. 

Em:  That’s really interesting that you see a “big picture” with the bee metaphor, because I read it as the bee is an individual that the speaker is addressing, but I definitely see how this could be a blanket statement kind of metaphor. It could be addressing anyone who’s struggling, anyone who needs to hear that it’s okay to feel burnt out. Bees are typically busy (pun intended) and being told to slow down and breathe could be a huge weight lifted. It’s a very interesting approach. 

And all that we have feared 

Is just a particle of dust 

You choose to breathe it in 

And it will blacken up your lungs 

Bre: This stanza is interesting because at first I feel like it’s saying all that we fear is, in reality, just something so small. But then breathing it in, choosing to accept it, will still blacken up your lungs. So you can accept the reality you face, but it might still hurt you in the long run? Maybe I’m reading super into that.

Em:  I agree, I think this is an acknowledgement of having to take in the bad with the good. Life isn’t black and white, you can’t be entirely giving or entirely self-serving, there will be parts of you that are selfish, and you have to accept what is. You have to accept that there are parts of you that you aren’t proud of, but they are parts of you that you will always carry. 

We are all just children of our mothers and fathers and our mothers and our fathers are the children of their moms and dads and they are all the children of their parents and their parents and their parents etc. 

And we are all the children of the earth  // And we are gonna take good care of her // We are all the children of the earth  // And we are gonna take good care of her 
Em: I think this repetition is just meant to be like a mantra of encouragement. No matter who you are or what you do, everything is relative and everything will be okay in the grand scheme of things.

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