Chelsea Cutler

We got to chat with the super cool (and super talented) Chelsea Cutler before her show last night in Philly! Covering one of the stops for her How To Be Human World Tour was such an amazing experience. Bringing a bit of sunny California to chilly Philadelphia was the breath of fresh air we were all longing for. Read below to see what we chatted about!

The year’s already off to a big start with the release of your album How To Be Human. What was the process of making that album like?
Chelsea: “The album took about a year and a half to make. For the most part, I didn’t really put any kind of pressure on myself to adhere to a timeline. I create pretty rapidly, so I knew ultimately that it would come together. I definitely got a creative burst this past summer right before the album was due, which was convenient!”

You wrote and produced almost every song off of How To Be Human (which is super cool)—what does that mean to you as an artist, and especially as a female artist?
“I’m stoked because I think the most important thing is helping increase visibility—the more successful female producers there are for younger artists to look up to, the more normal it will become to be a female producer.”

What’s the story behind your song “Sad Tonight,” which has become such a big hit since its release!
Chelsea:I wrote “Sad Tonight” with Captain Cuts—they’re awesome guys. We just wanted to write a song about staying in and processing your sadness, instead of trying to distract yourself and sweep your emotions under a rug.

Were there any songs on the album that were extra special for you to be able to put out into the world, and why was that?
“NJ” means a lot to me. I was really scared to put that one out just because of how vulnerable and honest it is.

Congrats on selling out your Red Rocks show—that’s such an accomplishment! What are you looking forward to most about it?
Chelsea:Thanks! We’re all really looking forward to it! It’s going to be such an incredible experience to all get to perform together. We’ve never done anything like this before.

What’s been the craziest part of touring for you so far?
Honestly the craziest part is just the fact that people buy tickets to come see me sing! That’s mind-blowing to me. I’m so excited for these new shows; the production is wild, and I love challenging myself to grow as a performer.

What has the transition from constructing songs in your bedroom, to playing for huge crowds of people been like for you?
Chelsea: “It’s just funny to me that those two sides of my career still coexist. I still write songs in my bedroom, which is so intimate obviously. And then to take those songs and get to perform them to thousands of people is really wild. The writing aspect is just much more intimate, and the performing aspect is my opportunity to share my creations with so many people.

Make sure to grab a ticket to Chelsea’s How To Be Human Tour here!

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