By Savannah Peck // Photographs provided by artist

You may be familiar with the 16-track album “widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I]” released earlier this year by Crywolf, the musical creation of the multi-talented Justin Taylor Phillips. The impressive album shows a vulnerable side to Crywolf as he sings about the unknown behind haunting, multi-instrument arrangements. The album proved Crywolf to be an artist not defined by one genre and an artist to be taken seriously.  

As a follow-up to “widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I]”, Crywolf has begun to release a multi-act visual series entitled “WIDOW,” which brings select songs from the early 2019 album to life like never before. Act II of the “WIDOW” series titled “Mabul” was the first released in the visual series and Act I “Adah” soon followed, purposely being released out of order. Diving deeper into Act I, “Adah” gives a visual to the song “FAWN” from Crywolf’s 2019 album. The song is haunting as the instrumentation features fingerpicked acoustic guitar, eerie background vocals, and even incoherent background yelling at one point. The simple arrangement allows the lyrics to pierce through as Crywolf seems to be overpowered by an unknown force.  

If the song wasn’t haunting enough for you, the visual from Act I “Adah” adds even more depth as the main character, played by Crywolf, is seen clearly battling an unknown force that has some sort of control over him. Act I “Adah” begins with narration from Crywolf and sets the tone as if it’s a horror film complete with the dark cinematography. The visual cuts back and forth between a bedroom and a forest and it seems that we are being shown Crywolf’s character descending into madness as he sits by a wall with symbols scribbled on papers scattered everywhere around him. After many intense scenes including an apparent stabbing, the story is left to be continued. Both the song and the visual have underlying dark religious themes which, if analyzed further, would most likely reveal more behind the surface of Crywolf and this series. Overall, the beautiful, twisted visuals from Act I “Adah” compliment “FAWN”, but clearly seem to be part of a bigger picture, which we will surely get more of when Act III is released in the future.  

Make sure to check out the stunning ‘Adah[FAWN]’ here!

In addition to the visual series, you can check out a brand new stripped-down single from Crywolf, “your joy is your sorrow unmasked”, which was recently released in anticipation of his upcoming 2020 acoustic tour. You can catch Crywolf before 2019 is over on December 31st in Charlotte, North Carolina and in early 2020 at The Moroccan Lounge on January 16th in Los Angeles, California. Tickets are available here !

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