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This interview was published in our first physical copy of The Queue, but we loved it so much we wanted to share it on the web! Heart Attack Man is one of those bands that comes around every once in a while and just completely knocks your socks off. With social media at the forefront of every industry, it’s instrumental to utilize it in a way that attracts and maintains a loyal following. Heart Attack Man is an incredible example of the benefits of interacting with your fans on a daily basis, while also creating quality music. We got to chat with Eric about his songwriting, his experience with live performance and the future of Heart Attack Man. So, Good Morning, its him, Eric from Heart Attack Man.

Give us a little rundown of how you got started. 

“The band started in 2013 as a solo project of mine. It was just a studio project I never really planned on playing shows with. And then it just quickly developed into a full band, and we were playing locally. The first few years of the band I was still in college, so we just worked on establishing ourselves and touring. Just kind of doing weekend runs whenever we got the chance. I didn’t really start like heavily touring until I graduated college. When I did that, we released our debut album The Manson Family and since then it’s just been kind of building off of that momentum.”

Where did the inspiration for the lyrics of the new album, Fake Blood, come from? 

“For Fake Blood it was a lot of just building off of The Manson Family. A lot of The Manson Family was kind of like a little more sad and confused, and Fake Blood was a lot of those same feelings and attitudes. Maybe not even necessarily towards the same exact people but like a similar circle in a way. It was all just like building those initial feelings of sadness and confusion, just kind of like boiling over into anger.”

The music video for Out For Blood seemed to be sort of an expression of freedom. Can you tell us more about that?

“The thing is I wish I was there I wish I could have been present because it looked like a very fun day. We did the music video for the first single Fake Blood and that was all us you know it was very hands on focused on us and everything and I was acting in it. And for Out For Blood we were like we want to try just kind of giving someone an idea and just seeing what they could do with it. It was just kind of refreshing to take that approach where it’s like you know we just kind of throw an idea out there and just let someone take the reins on it and bring it to life. Overall I was very happy with it.” 

We were talking earlier about how often the word blood comes up, is there a reason for that?

“You know, it’s not a concept album, it’s not like telling some linear story, but there’s a theme to it. The theme is really just kind of playing off that general anger of where I was at in my life. The blood just kind of came with it. It was a motif that kind of sprung from all of that and I noticed as I was writing more lyrics it started popping up more. It just kind of happened and I was like oh ok, I didn’t even think of the name or anything until a bit later. We we all listen to a lot of heavy metal and stuff and watch horror movies, so Fake Blood was a natural sort of conclusion.”

What’s the experience like when you guys get on stage and you have fans screaming lyrics that you wrote?

“It’s surreal, I still can’t get over it. With Cut My Losses, especially when we do it live, that song is like the most personal song I’ve ever written. The most vulnerable and raw I think I have ever gotten with a song, and for that to resonate with a lot of people and for anyone to be singing it back it’s crazy. There have been some times where we played it live and people are singing it so loudly it sends shivers down my spine. It’s incredible. But at any point when anyone sings along it’s the coolest thing in the world, I’m so grateful for it.”

Is there anything new coming, or a direction you’re excited to go with the band?

“I’ve talked about it on Twitter like once so I can speak about it in vague terms. We’ve been entertaining the idea of me in the future just doing vocals, transitioning into that role as a front man. We’ve been brainstorming for our next release and based on the ideas that we’ve been coming up with I think it would fit very, very well. We have a lot locked and loaded and we’re feeling really good about it. We want to keep it in motion but also keep it exciting.”

We love Heart Attack Man, and can’t wait until we can see them live in the flesh again soon. Until then, you can be sure to keep up with HAM on Instagram and of course, Twitter.

Check out our photos from their show here!

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