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We recently got to chat with the very talented and super chill Jacob Dixon to talk about the release of his new single, “Slip“, and some other upcoming projects! Make sure to stream “Slip”, and read below to gain some insight into the creative process behind the single!

The line “Please don’t let me let it all slip” stands out and invokes a lot of emotion. Could you tell us a bit about the story behind this song?

Jacob: “On one hand, I don’t want to let life pass by and not take risks, go on adventures, chase dreams.  I think it would be easy for me to just try and live a comfortable life. Later on, I think I would regret being scared to take risks. On the other hand, I also find myself looking toward the future a lot and not focusing on what’s in front of me in the day-to-day seemingly mundane things.  I think there are a lot of special moments that are easy to take for granted.

Your last single, “Find My Place” had you leaning more into rock and alternative influences. What made you decide to approach “Slip” with a more stripped back tone?

Jacob: “I felt like it fit this particular song. The verses have a story telling aspect and the chorus has a longing feeling that the stripped back tone helped highlight.  My musical influences are all over the map and I wanted to represent that. I love the higher energy songs as well as the slower, folk songs.”

Do you have any particular artists or things that inspire/influence your work?

Jacob: “Noah Gundersen is one of my bigger musical inspirations, he also has a spectrum of folk/stripped back songs, but is not afraid to have a lot heavier/alternative instrumentation. A big inspiration for this EP was reflecting back on childhood and remembering who I was when I was 11, before I felt the pressure of who the world wants me to be.

What was the writing and recording process like for “Slip?”

Jacob: “This song was actually one of the easiest to write on the EP.  The lyrics came out pretty naturally and overall it was a quick process.  I didn’t immediately think this was one I was going to record, but it has become one of my favorites over time.

Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow) produced and recorded this EP.  I initially envisioned a more full band sound with some organ somewhere in the John Mayer world.  We started off recording that route and then Chris wanted to go a different direction – more of an early Bon Iver approach to the production. I’m glad he made that call, I think it does the song justice.

If you could have listeners take one message from listening to “Slip,” what would you want it to be?

Jacob: “That it’s ok to dream big and chase after those things you are excited about.  I’ve learned over the past few years that we’re all hardwired a certain way, with specific gifts and passions. It’s worth figuring out what those things are, and using them as much as you can. Sometimes it means taking a bigger risk like quitting your job, or doing something that the people around you don’t always understand. But the world needs what you bring to the table, and life is too short to set those things aside because of comfort. I don’t want to look back and have played it safe.

Your EP, Lionheart, comes out in April. Can you give us some insight on what we can expect from it?

Jacob: “The songs all have a common thread of becoming an adult and reflecting on childhood.  They touched on some of my experiences in the transition that I think will ring true for others.  It’s about half higher energy/indie rock and half slower/indie folk.

Aside from the EP release, what else are you looking forward to? Is there something we should keep an eye out for?

Jacob: “I’m looking forward to playing these songs live this summer and to get to tell the story of how they came to be. I think everyone can relate to missing the freedom of being a kid. I’ll have some house shows around the southeast this summer and fall.

Check out a live session of Jacob’s new single, “Slip”, here!

Be sure to stream the single here!

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