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Pop rock group JADN have launched onto the scene with the release of their debut album, City Skies. Based in Westchester, New York, the group’s highly anticipated record did not disappoint. JADN have seamlessly blended indie instrumentals with powerful vocals and guitar riffs, twisting the pop rock genre into something entirely new, and only present on City Skies.

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The opener to the album, appropriately named “City Skies,” acts perfectly as an introduction to the record, giving listeners just a taste of what they can expect to hear. It starts out peaceful, sounding as if the song is booting up into its full potential. About every third of the way, a new element is introduced to the track. At the end, the listeners are met by frontman David Vogel’s voice, echoing lyrics among the beautiful instrumental. 

The second track on the record, “Why Don’t You,” is bound to be a hit with fans. Boasting catchy lyrics and a high-energy tune, this is one of the stand-out tracks on the album. “Why Don’t You” is the type of song that will get any crowd jumping and singing along at a show with ease. The third song on City Skies, “Little Love,” is capable of this as well. While listening to this track, it’s easy to imagine an audience chanting along to the lyrics “Long nights, red lights, blue eyes, black tights” while dancing along.

While City Skies is filled with danceable anthems, JADN’s versatility shines on songs like “Be Alright (Manhattan)” and “All I Wanna Do Is Forget You”. These slowed-down tracks let David Vogel’s vocals take center stage, and allow the listener to focus on the emotion within the lyrics. “All I Wanna Do Is Forget You” truly feels like a finale to the album. 

Photo from @thisisjadn

With a seamless fade-in and fade-out on the album, City Skies is easy to keep on repeat. JADN’s take on the pop rock genre incorporates the classic elements we all know and love, while also experimenting and creating something new and refreshing to listen to. If City Skies is any indication of what JADN is capable of, then it won’t be long until they take this scene by storm.

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