Joel Christian

Article by Doug Vasko Jr. // Photos provided by Artist

With a constant increase in competition amongst many genres of music these days, listeners are constantly searching for an artist that isn’t afraid to stray from the norm. We recently got the chance to catch up with LA-based artist Joel Christian and talk about his newest single called Rise from the Grave. 

Make sure to check out the music video here!

What was your inspiration behind Rise from the Grave?

Joel: “I wanted to write a song that truly captivated the energy and the way I feel when I get anxiety. I had this picture in my head of my anxiety chasing me like something from a horror film – but then I was like, let’s make this into a pop song! I wanted the song to begin as if it was ominous and eerie, but then go into an explosive high energy track.

What does the release of this song mean to you as an artist?

Joel: “This song means so much to me. Every song I spend time on with writing and conceptualizing how I want to visually promote it. My producer and I spent a lot of time trying to make something different and incomparable to other pop songs on the radio or in the scene right now. I’m really proud of the song and most of all the meaning behind it.

How has the LA music scene helped you grow in perfecting your craft?

Joel: “I think just by learning through others in LA. LA is completely saturated with aspiring artists and individuals within the entertainment industry. So many talented people live there and I love the drive it has on people. It makes you want to succeed and be yourself. It also has made me realize how unique I am and using that as a strength to set myself aside.”

Have there been any artists that have inspired you? In relation to your unique sound? 

Joel: “I’m inspired by artists who take risks and craft their visuals perfectly. I love 80’s pop stars such as Prince, Madonna, Boy George, but also modern pop artists such as Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and Kim Petras.

Tell me about the message behind your music.

Joel: “Every song is different, but my message behind my artistry and my music is quite simple. “Create your own fantasy and live within it” I want people to feel good about who they are, take risks on yourselves, and understand your individuality and creativity makes you different. Use your imagination as your gift!

Can we expect anything enticing from you in the near future?

Joel: I’m working on so many things right now! I will be releasing my debut music video for, RISE FROM THE GRAVE and I’m so excited for everyone to see it! I also am working on my new single and a brand new EP.”

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