By Savannah Peck

Leading up to the release of his latest album, pop singer-songwriter Lauv enlisted the help of indie/pop band LANY for his latest single, “Mean It.” This single is the first of three exciting collaborations featured on Lauv’s latest album, “~how i’m feeling~”, and yes, “Mean It” does give us some insight into how he (and LANY) are feeling. 

“Mean It” features the signature smooth and catchy Lauv melody that makes you feel cooler than you are until you realize you’re bobbing your head alone in your room and not in your friend’s car driving around at night being up to no good. The lyrics tell a one-sided story of someone who is frustrated with a partner who is having trouble making decisions and expressing their emotions. Just say what you mean and mean what you say!

The melody blends with the electronic beats and sounds just as beautifully as Lauv and LANY blend on this track. These two artists have a sound that meshes so naturally that anyone not familiar with either artist would have a tough time believing they aren’t the same artist.

Overall, this is a well-produced song that captures a common uneasy feeling in a sonically pleasing package. Following the release of this single and new album, Lauv will be touring worldwide from now through June with a handful of dates in the USA in December. As for LANY, you can catch them at the M3F Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona in March and stay tuned to their website for any further announcements.  

I rate it 4/5 Lauvs.  

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