Article by Douglas Vasko Jr. // Photos provided by Artist

R&B artist Lili Kendall just recently released arguably one of the best albums of 2020. ‘love, herself.’ is a powerful and soulful piece of art that is truly like no other. Every aspect of this album is creatively unique and beautiful in sound.  

Photo by Breyona Holt

  The album begins with “all through the night,” this song kickstarts the entire album in the right direction by giving the audience a dreamy and almost spiritual instrumental behind heartfelt lyrics that provide us with a sneak peek into the meaning of the album right from the start. Throughout the entirety of this work, Kendall opens herself up to the audience through personal encounters and her deepest emotions. This was done not only within the lyrics but also by adding interludes to make it personally her own. Clearly painting her transparency, she invites the audience to experience her emotions with her as she did.    

Photo by Sam Bryant Knolton

Lili Kendall was an artist that I had personally never listened to before, but this album honestly blew me away. Every song was filled with soul and her angelic voice flowed effortlessly over the professionally engineered sound which almost feels like a mix of classic R&B and lofi hip-hop. Kendall and her team truly did an amazing job in every aspect of this album. I had absolutely no complaints and can personally say this is now one of my favorite albums to date. 

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