Interview by Bre Cura and Amanda Sigman // Article By Amanda Sigman
Photos by Bre Cura

We all love a good satirical bit. There’s just something about deep sarcasm that hits on a different level (The Onion wouldn’t be a thing without it). But, are any of us so committed to the bit that we would start a band, write some hit songs, and tour the country? MILKK is.

What started as a partially satirical commentary on trendy bands quickly turned into a genuine, true passion project for members of the indie/R&B/pop band MILKK. Pat, Jack, and John all loved music and were pursuing it on their own before deciding to combine forces and create that band we know today, MILKK.

Pat shared, “I had just read a satire article on of starting a trendy band and so literally we started it with the concept of how can we sort of make fun of indie pop music but at the same time doing fun songs and stuff that would be fun to play. Long story short, people on social media started to find it and they actually did genuinely like it and I was like, ‘Oh, crap’…long story short what started as kind of a goofy side project thing became a real focus and here we are.”

With a charting album (#3 Alternative and #50 US Albums), two EPs, and a few highly successful tours, it’s clear MILKK is past a mere side project. Fans truly cannot get enough of the unapologetically quirky music, brand, and band.

What led to the creative name, MILKK? We asked the guys in our interview and Pat laughed sharing, “It sounded dumb. It was honestly making fun of 2-3 years ago [when] there was just a trend to take all the vowels out of your band name or you do it in all caps.” Originally, they were going to stick with just MILK, but because Facebook deemed this “too generic to be a real page” they added the extra “k” and moved on.

The band member’s fun, creative personalities really come to shine in many of their songs. From more upbeat bops like “Pacific Kiss” to more reflective pieces like their #1 Spotify stream, “Stupid” MILKK seeks to create music that not only is relatable, but can be those fun times, good tunes songs as well.

Despite the casual beginnings of this band, MILKK truly pours everything they have into their music. They create songs that speak to listeners in whatever place they’re in. Not only can you jam to the tunes, but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you’ll probably find they put into words a thought, feeling, or emotion you couldn’t really describe.

We’re super excited to have heard the inside scoop about their NEW EP that hit streaming services TODAY (November 1st). We asked the guys to share a little about the EP, their favorite parts, what they’re most excited for, etc. Jack shared, “I feel like it moved in a very different direction than we’ve gone in the past.” John chimed in saying, “It’s definitely more of like a hip-hop influence as far as production goes. And then I feel like it’s still very melodic and pop is still very much the base.

 Pat shared a little about the lyrical inspiration. “I would say lyrically it’s a move away from our album, which was very introspective and heavy. This one is, well the title is, ‘God Loves You & So Do I,’ and it’s basically a love letter to my wife.”

Pat encompassed the whole bands thoughts, describing this EP with a bed analogy. “If it was like a bed, the mattress is rap (production and structure). The bedframe is pop because the songs still all fit on a pop scale. The sheets are the indie influences. The meat is in the rap and R&B and the supporting pieces are what makes it our own.”

What song is the band excited for everyone to hear? The guys talked about evolution of “Ultra,” a song they originally felt like you would hear in H&M, but now it’s got full on “New York Fashion Week vibes” (once you’ve heard the song, let us know if you agree).

We loved hanging out with MILKK for the evening and just hearing more about this crazy cool band. Be sure to head over the Spotify and stream their new EP, “God Loves You & So Do I!”

Oh, and hit them up on Instagram for all the best content.

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