Moonroof: “First”

By Bre Cura // Photos provided by Artist

Moonroof has been hot on Philly’s music radar for years now, and the band isn’t slowing down any time soon. Released today, Moonroof’s newest single “First” is an anthemic track all about that first love you just can’t seem to forget. Rich with their classic pop vibes, this song is the perfect reminder that these life experiences aren’t isolated. Heartbreak, loneliness and first loves are something we all share in, a great reminder that we aren’t alone. 

We love diving into the deeper meaning of things here at The Queue, so we were very grateful Dave took the time to chat with us a bit about the back story for “First”!

So assuming the experience detailed in the track is a personal one, have you been able to find ways to allow those thoughts of past love to not interfere with your current relationships? 

Dave: Honestly it depends on the person, and I know everyone is different, but you double check yourself to not make the same mistakes just in case.  I honestly just try my best to listen and learn more about person to gain their trust.  Sometimes it’s hard to accept someone because of how things went before.

It can be so hard to not relate everything back to your “first”, you even go as far as to call it a curse. Do you think the walls that are put up from that experience can ever be a good thing? In other words, even though it can be distracting, maybe it also helps you realize what you are actually looking for. 

Dave:“Wow thats a great way to put it,  I actually called it a curse for other people as well cause this song can be viewed from the listeners perspective.  Alot of people move on from their first but have trouble seeing their new relationship as actually someone new. I believe everyone wants something out of a relationship and until they find it , they will always be confused on if they are the right person for them.” 

I really loved it when you said (roughly) that you think you’ll always love this person, but at the same time, you wish you hadn’t shared those feelings that you did. Are you grateful to have experienced that love, or would you choose to have never felt it in order to escape the pain? 

Dave:“Im actually grateful to find that love, cause life is all about learning from your past decisions.  I now know what I want with relationships whether its friends, dating , or an actual relationship. I  still think about the old times, but not in sadness, more like that was the old me thinking the world was ending haha, but nowadays I don’t think too much on relationships.”

I think we almost all wish that our first love had been our last, that it would have worked out with that person. If you could go back and make your first love your last, would you? 

Dave:As I am right now , I actually couldn’t answer that lol. If I found love than maybe that love would of taken over my passion which is of course music. I’ve seen it first hand from others that its very hard to pursue both. In a perfect world I could be touring all over the world and having that special person with me , but it doesn’t always work like that. I’m happy on my views of dating right now.”

Getting more into the production side of things, this song has such a great sound! In all of your music, you so successfully pull off this almost modern pop-synth vibe that is such an easy listen. Do you think this track stands out from others you have released? 

Dave:First of all , thank you lol, I believe this one stands out from the rest cause of the pop-synth throughout the song, and this song also has a mesmerizing feel to it, like you are in a trance. We always try to make catchy hooks and danceable energy catching songs, but this is smoother in a way.” 

Can listeners be expecting more from you guys in the near future? 

Dave:“YESS! We have  singles coming in the new year and also an EP coming in the spring. We also would love to participate in shows again once the vaccine is released.” 

And of course, we have to ask, how have you guys been doing in these crazy times? Are there any ways that people can help support you? 

Dave: “Honestly at first we were really bummed cause all of our spring and summer shows were canceled , but it was like that for everyone so we had to do what we could do.  Funny enough our band has received more traction during the outbreak because of the people on social media. The fans helped with our music video of Magazine, and helped us receive enough attention to get signed by Free Dive Records . I mean the best way of helping us out is to just keep being supportive of us and listening to our music which is the number one reason we do this.”

Stream “First” here!

Keep up with Moonroof on Instagram // Spotify

Stream “First” here!

Keep up with Moonroof on Instagram // Spotify

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