Article by Bre Cura and Emily Herbein // Graphics and Photo by Bre Cura

Mt. Joy has released the 8th single ‘Witness‘ from their upcoming album (dropping June 5th!!), and it has overwhelmingly escalated our anticipation for what this installment is going to become. With every expansion, Mt. Joy seems to only develop into more intricate versions of their original efforts, staying true to their indie folk roots but allowing room for evolution of sound. Already gaining traction with other single drops like ‘My Vibe‘ and ‘Strangers‘, ‘Witness’ in particular shows off singer Matt Quinn’s incredible dynamics as phrasing jumps from hummed melodies to perfectly orchestrated surges in sound.

‘Witness’ paints a picture of trust, closure, second chances, loving someone while you have them and the not-always-easy paths that relationships can travel. Whether it’s the inability to live up to your word, choosing to love someone for the parts of them you can’t see in yourself, or the back and forth of “I need you to need me, but I’m not good enough to need”, this song prompted some heavy questions for us.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the world, and in our own minds, that we sometimes push aside our own relationships as we deal with those struggles. Those repercussions and emotions, while relative, can still be universally understood with standout lines like, “Do you love me right now, do you need to come around // And tell me I’m the one that burned it down”, “Cause when it gets heavy I start acting out // But this old love was all I’d ever found”, and “I’m ready to love you still, I’m living under your spell”.

The understated instrumentation at the start of the track, with subtle glimmers of acoustic guitar and strings creates something beautiful. As vocals build, a raw percussive moment takes over, allowing the soundscape of the track to really reflect the raw subject matter and overall production. Key riffs come into play every so often, but the stripped back vibe of this song contributes to the theme as a whole.

We’re sure this newest release means something different to everyone who listens, and maybe we’ve found something completely new in our understanding, but we do know for sure that ‘Witness’ is an incredible addition to an already stellar lineup.

You can pre-order the album here, and stream the new music on your favorite platform here.

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