Riverby – “Maybe”

Article by Bre Cura and Emily Herbein // Graphic by Bre Cura

Riverby is the mix of pop-punk and singer/songwriter that we’ve been looking for. Recently signed to Take This To Heart Records, Riverby has been working hard and is about to drop their debut studio album, Smart Mouth (out July 10th). We were able to chat with Sophia about one of their releases “Maybe”, and take a look at some of the deeper meanings behind the haunting lyrics that we’ve loved to watch grow.

Maybe i like the build up, Because i like the fall // Maybe I crave disappointment, Maybe I’ll never be satisfied at all 

Bre: “Welp, I relate to this heavily haha. Sometimes I feel like it can be addicting to expect the worst. Cynicism in its most basic form is just the inability to find comfort in failure, or maybe I guess the inability to forgive others (or yourself) for your expectations not being met. And maybe they never will be.”

Em: “Agree big time. I went through phases of just liking the chase or the idea of being with some unremarkable guy. Then after getting my feelings hurt a couple times in a row I developed that sort of innate cynicism. If you expect to be let down you can’t be too upset about.”

Maybe I spend too much money, Cuz I’ve been drinking much more // Compare it to my mother, at least I’m not face down on the floor 

Bre: “Both this and the verse about the father are just really nicely written. Simple, yet holding such universal experiences. I think we can recognize our flaws, but excuse them for the sake of “well at least I’m not…”. And are they flaws really? Or does our negative experience affect our opinions? Would we compare them if they weren’t already perceived to be wrong?”

Em: “Comparing your own negative feelings and experiences to someone else’s can be really damaging. You don’t know what goes on in someone else’s head. But finding comfort in the same vices as someone close to you might seem romantic but it’s also just relating a pattern of toxicity. I think it depends on the how and why behind what you’re trying to cope with though.”

Chorus: The ghost of who I used to be is asking if I’m where I should be now, Am I where I should be now, Are you where you wanna be now // And just like me, Flowers take time to grow, What’s the point in planting all the seeds, In the middle of all of this damn snow

Em:I like that this emphasizes the fact that healing takes time, and it won’t be linear. I like the seasonal metaphor with the snow. It’s okay to have a healthy spring and a really damaging winter. Planting your seeds in the snow doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to die. It just means it might take longer to pick yourself back up after when you warm up again. As long as you DO it, there’s no one right way to heal.”

Maybe I’m just too Reckless, Cuz I know I can’t ever stop // Compare it to my father, At least I’m not 6 ft in the mud


Maybe this sounded stupid, And I shouldn’t have wrote it down // Maybe I should make an appointment, My therapist’s on the other side of town

Bre: “For me, this is kind of like, you can feel silly almost for talking about vulnerable things. Was it stupid for me to even say anything, you know? And songwriting is a therapy, so why go all the way across town when you can just talk to yourself. (Go to therapy though, it helps).”

Em: “I agree that this kind of reads as more of a letter to the writer than to another person. It might be addressed to whoever the trauma is coming from, but it’s really looking inward. It’s a pretty woke song, acknowledging that healing is going to take time. I think it’s a tangible look at a teachable moment of how to take care of yourself and understand that both forwards and backwards progress are okay, as long as you move.”

Bre: “I think this song really just touches on personal growth, and the battle to continue to better the self, even when it doesn’t feel worth it.”

Sophia gave us their insight into the ghosts and development of “Maybe”.

Sophia: “Writing this song was the first time I very honestly attacked my vices and my biggest insecurities — I had always struggled with the fear of turning into my parents or becoming the worst version of myself, which I think actually impeded my growth. I was always so obsessed with failing that it’s all I ever did. This song was weirdly enough my love letter to ‘The Ghost of You’ by My Chemical Romance — specifically I remember writing this song and thinking of their lyric ‘For all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me / For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me’. All I could think about was “what if the ghost is just who you are?” This song was a way to remind myself that I will always be running, and I might get a little more wounded, but that I need to stop comparing my pain and my healing processes to everyone around me. Everyone heals in their own time and with their own steps. When you’re healing, it’s important to take stock and above all else, to take time.”

Be sure to stream Maybe here, and keep an eye out for the drop of their new album Smart Mouth on July 10th!

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