Kyle (guitar and vocals), Ori (drums), and Tom (bass) have always loved music. Before joining forces, they were each pursing it independently, playing, or even hosting basement shows. It wasn’t until they played together in what, at the time, was just a normal jam session that they realized how far their passion could take them. Soon after, SPITSHINE was officially formed, releasing their EP, “Get out of Bed.” It’s clear that this dynamic trio truly has an energy unlike many others, making itself known in all their tracks. Their heavy sound and strong lyrics showcase just how talented these guys are.

We had the chance to ask SPITSHINE some questions about their name, creative process, and what it’s like to be DIY band! Read more below!

Photos provided by SPITSHINE

How did you go about choosing your name?

“The band name originated in a Facebook thread underneath someone’s status. The status said something along the lines of “I want to start a shoegaze band and call it…” In the comments Tom was suggesting band names back and forth and one of them was “Spitshine”. Kyle was drawn to the name immediately and told him it would make a great band name for their new project.”

Tell us a little bit about your creative process. Where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics? Sound?

“For me, (Kyle) music is an escape and a way to cope with negative emotions. When I am feeling down, whether the be sad, angry, etc. I write my thoughts down in a small notebook I always try to keep with me. I try to turn my thoughts into poetry, sometimes using metaphors, sometimes straightforward honesty, and sometimes just stream of consciousness. When I pick up a guitar to write, I look for sounds that fit the genres I’m most inspired by. If something catches my ear, I’ll grab my notebook and look for a passage that fits the vibe and start to sing along until I “get it right”, so to speak. My thoughts and emotions tend to change drastically, which is why some of our songs feel like there is a lot going on. Everything I write is a reflection of the thoughts in my head.

Once I have a song (lyrics/music) I bring it to band practice and show it to Ori and Tom. At this point we rework the song together musically. Our different backgrounds offer a diverse musical environment and enable us to create things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to myself. I encourage and depend on their musical perspectives to help mold each song.

Photos provided by SPITSHINE

How would you describe your music (genre, feelings, etc.)?

“At our core, we are an emo band, but we find ourselves constantly pushing the boundaries of that genre. This is because we don’t want to be constrained to one genre/feeling. We want our songs to take people on an emotional and musically journey, while at the same time trying to stay anchored in the emo genre. Some of our heaviest influences include punk, pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock and indie rock.”

Currently, “Forget You” is your number one streamed song on Spotify! Tell us about it! What’s the song about? What was the inspiration behind it? 

“Forget You serves as a testament to the feeling of betrayal when irreversibly wronged by a loved one. Sometimes the hardest part of being hurt is forgiving and forgetting. The desire to get to that place can be a strong one, which is why we all sing “all I want is to forget you” in unison at the end of the song.”

Photo from @spitshinenyc on Instagram

If someone could only listen to one song on your EP, which would you want it to be and why?

“Hop in the Van paints the best picture of us as a band. With its catchy riffs and sudden rhythmic changes, it perfectly encapsulates us as a band.” 

Tell us a little bit about the DIY band scene for you. Do you have advice for other bands just starting?

“Our best advice is to make friends. We have found that going to shows and staying the whole time, meeting and talking to new people, is what opens the most doors. In a saturated scene the best thing you can do is make connections with people who can hopefully help you in the future.”

Photos provided by SPITSHINE

What is your favorite part about doing music?

“Our favorite part is having fun. It’s tempting to say that our favorite part is “the people”, but the truth is, most of our time is spent practicing with each other. What we enjoy the most about playing in a band is the fun we get to have while doing it. A lot of our songs have little things in them that bring us joy to play. These little nuggets are just one of the many things that puts big smiles on our faces at each and every show we play.”

Anything listeners can expect in the future? 

“We’ve been working tirelessly on new music and plan to record two more EPs within the next year. Our plan is to tell a three part story with them. Including our first EP, we will use the second and third to build a narrative about the difficulties of finding motivation, the struggles and hardships of life, and the attempts to embrace these truths and face them head on in an attempt to better yourself.”

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