Just some kids who really, really, really like music.

Bre Cura

Content Coordinator and Taker of Pictures

Always looking for the next song that will put me in my bag. Once I find it, I’ll probably take a picture.


Claudia Cava

Acquirer and Facilitator of Good Vibes

Compiling my favorite songs for your ears. I’m your playlist plug.

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Julia Kennedy

Editor and Pursuer of Good Grammar

Reporting for duty.

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Doug Vasko

Professional Goon and Photo Snapper

Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome.

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Caitlyn McGonigal

Photographer and Donut Enthusiast

When I’m not running around the photo pit, I’m discovering my next favorite tune.

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Amanda Sigman & Matt Davis

Shoutout to these two for being amazing members of The Queue team! Although they do not work for us anymore, they were an instrumental part of our start up! : )

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