By Bre Cura and Emily Herbein // Photos provided by Artist

From the Ashes’ is the latest drop from Boston born and LA-based artist Pozzi. Effervescently glowing with soothing vocals that drip right through sultry guitar riffs, the track ventures into ballad-like territory as powerful build-ups rise and land beside the smoothest of undertones. As Pozzi prepares for his debut album Tyrant which drops in August (you can stream the title track here), releases like ‘From the Ashes’ have us restlessly craving more. 

Touching on moments of deja-vu in the day-to-day human experience, a constant loop emerges of rising and falling, building and breaking. At surface level this track is such an easy listen, so Emily and I had no problem playing it for hours as we dove into those underlying themes throughout the lyrics. 

Here we go

Another year, another gone

Another restless night to call our own 

Bre: “ You know how as you get older things just kind of blend together and move outside of our normal interpretation of time? That’s what this evokes in me. Almost that experience of watching yourself from the third person, and seeing a constant going-through-the-motions approach to life.” 

Emily: “Definitely. The kind of languid introduction, that drippy guitar – it’s very evocative of watching your life stand still but also simultaneously move too fast.”

We’ve been pining for the moon, so long

We never stopped to see the road we’re on

From the ashes we rise and we fall, after all

From the ashes we rise and we fall

Bre: “You can get caught up easily in the cycle you create for yourself, or even the one you are placed into by the “powers that be”. Chasing after something but not taking the time to look around you really can be destructive, especially if you are trying to be consistent.” 

Emily: “I totally agree. I see this as a setting of unreachable expectations for your life and then passing by every day experiences in order to get to it. Or never feeling satisfied with the goals you do meet. Always feeling like you could have done more. It’s a very damaging perspective.”

Here we go

Another city left to rot

A mindless politician on the run

We’ve been pining for the stars, for what? 

We crippled everything we ever got 

Bre: “This sense of longing for something new, something better is again touched on. But what good is the next best thing if we just destroy whatever we’ve already been given? “We’ve been pining for the stars, for what? We crippled everything we ever got.” Like… damn, what’s the point of it all? I really love this song, and the doors it subtly opens for listeners.” 

Emily: “I think this is the moment where you realize that an unreachable dream isn’t really all that great. We can use something like fame as an example. You finally make it, and nine times out of ten you realize that your life was a lot better before. Leaving behind people and experiences for a moment of clout doesn’t compare to genuine connections with the people who are close to your life. Of course this doesn’t have to be about fame, but that’s where my mind went first.”

From the ashes we rise and we fall, after all

From the ashes we rise and we fall, after all

After all, from the ashes we rise and we fall

Everything changes and nothing changes, no 

Everything changes and nothing changes 

Bre: “This oxymoron is created when you consider that things are constantly changing, yes, but only to a certain degree. I think this is a really timely and beautiful approach to evaluating the current climate of the world. People are begging for change, more and more every day, and we are given these quick fixes to “satisfy” that. But in the long run, what effective/enduring strategies are being applied? I think that’s a question we should all be asking. Everything is changing, and yet nothing changes it seems. Once again that loop.” 

Emily: “Everything changes and nothing changes is just the story of life, period. I want to end it on a mic drop statement, too, because that’s what he did. It’s just one of those “no need to explain” sort of metaphors, because everyone gets it. I love it.”

Pozzi: “I just want to say that I am inspirited by this thoughtful interpretation of From The Ashes. I couldn’t have explained the themes and messages any better myself. When I was deciding which song would be the last track on my upcoming album, this felt like the obvious choice. “Everything changes and nothing changes,” IS that “mic drop” statement as Emily said, and is especially relevant in this particular climate as Bre points out. I actually wrote this five years ago, and it seems to resonate more and more as time passes. It’s a special feeling to hear that it translates and the sentiment is relatable. Thank you so much for all of this.”

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