Article by Matt Davis
Photos by Bre Cura

On Saturday, November 2nd, I was lucky enough to catch a life changing performance by a Queue favorite band, The Maine. This Arizona based rock band played at Union Transfer as a part of The Mirror Tour, supporting this year’s album release, “You Are OK.”  Each show was described as “a new immersive experience, unlike anything [The Maine] has done before,” and we can confirm, that was definitely the case. 

The Maine (Photo from @themaineband on Instagram)

Fans were encouraged to dress in the band’s signature mustard gold color and bring flowers to the show. The band also promised an incredible multi-media experience, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life, but this was a completely new experience and rivals anything I’ve attended before.

Nick Santino opened the night by warming up the crowd with his powerful vocals.  This former frontman for A Rocket to the Moon embarked on a career as a solo musician and it was a treat to see him live. Sporting a Menzingers shirt and stationed with just a keyboard on stage, Santino showcased his breathtaking vocals, mixing originals with stripped-down versions of A Rocket to the Moon classics. Fans absolutely loved this combination and his set was the perfect way to prepare the crowd for the rest of the night

Following Nick Santino, Twin XL took the stage. These LA rockers took things up a notch complete with their elaborate lights and extensive set design. Falling somewhere between The Strokes and The 1975, Twin XL brought a unique brand of pop-rock to Philly. Frontman Cameron-Walker Right dominated the stage and it was clear he was genuinely having a good time. This energy directly translated to the crowd, leaving the room hype for the highlight of the night; The Maine

 The room was dark as the weight of anticipation grew so heavy you could almost feel it. A video panning over a barren desert, reading “You Are OK.” Just then, the band walked out dressed in full black suits armed with black guitars. Lead Singer John O’Callaghan stepped to the mic, introduced the band, and broke into “Slip The Noose”, a lead single from the latest album. Although it kicks off slow, this song builds to a fast-paced, high energy piece—the perfect way to start the night.

Although the night was full of old and new favorites, the highlight of the night came after a few songs, when O’Callahan disappeared from the stage. He re-appeared in the back of the room with an acoustic guitar and began to play “(Uh)Lost”, a beautiful song about taking a leap of faith. 

About half-way through, he brought a fan up to the mic. We were all puzzled, but as the fan began professing his love to his girlfriend, it all became clear; we were witnessing a marriage proposal. It was the epitome of a pop-punk love story in real life (and for anyone wondering; she did say yes)! 

After this unforgettable moment, O’Callaghan made his way back on stage to continue the night. When the band played their biggest hit “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu”, a mosh pit broke, filling the room with pure joy. 

The band ended the night with “Numb Without You,” only to be cheered back on stage for their encore piece, “Flowers on the Grave.” During this song the crowd, decked in yellow, threw the flowers they were encouraged to bring at the screen behind the band, which displayed the same visuals as the first song, bringing the night full circle. 

Fans may love The Maine, but one thing is for sure; The Maine loves their fans even more. Thanks for giving us all you got and making this show one to remember!

We’ll leave you all with a daily reminder the band handed out to the audience: 

Don’t plan life, live it.
Don’t take love, give it.
You can’t change what is written, so when fate cries, listen. 

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