Photos and article by Doug Vasko

With a stage display that took my breath away and songs that could be felt on the deepest of levels, Witt Lowry‘s show at the Foundry was truly an awing experience. 

Whatever We Are

Right off the bat, I noticed the gorgeous decor that encompassed the stage. The decorations and lights gave the audience an eerie sense of uncertainty and hardship that can be felt through the very lyrics in Witt’s touring album, “Never’s Road.” 

The concert itself started off strong with a unique blend of genres performed by a band known as Whatever We Are. This group featured stellar vocals from all four of its members as well as soulful music radiating from the lead guitar and keyboard that meshed eloquently to bring the power and meaning behind their lyrics to the crowd. 


As the first set left the crowd speechless, Xuitcasecity followed, bringing the stage to life with an electrifying performance that showcased some of their hit songs such as “Die Young,” and “Need Somebody.” They demonstrated their diversity in multiple genres with high energy rapping, soulful vocals, an acoustic version of “Need Somebody,” and even an encore that was carried out entirely a cappella. This set excited the audience and prepared them for the long-awaited performance; Witt Lowry. 

This highly anticipated performance began with a slow instrumental intro to accompany Witt into his first song. He performed with the most emotion and energy I have ever seen from an artist. The heart and feeling behind each and every lyric was evident in Witt’s performance. 

Witt Lowry

Judging by the reaction of the audience throughout the night, each and every performing artist truly gave their all and I was so honored to be a part of it

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